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Spiral - a pattern that connects us with the future as it emerges

on 6 June 2010 - 3:32pm


I wrote an entry on "Spiraling up" in a forum of Evolutionary Nexus in 2006: What could become possible if we hadinteractive concept maps of the forces that are shaping our world, including all shades of the evolutionary movements, transformational technologies, and their inter-relatedness? I have been holding that question and earlier variations of it for two decades, as central to working for a better world guided by conscious evolution... We need to form a hosting team and invite the practitioners of the various disciplines, as key stakeholders in mapping the unmappable, to help drawing the picture in which most dots connect. The "connecting the dots" expression refers to, in this context, the areas of where the separately originated, upward moving and expanding vortices touch and interpenetrate. Each vortex represents one of the evolutionary disciplines and its community of practitioners."


I posted the picture on the left in the same forum entry and told there the story of the conversation, in which I drew it. This pattern also came back in a video chat with Glisten, when I saw some spirals painted by her on the wall and we shared our sense of what all that means to us. The ascending vortices that Glisten drew were so inspiring and profoundly meaningful that I was even thinking of them as a possible logo for élan.


Following up on our conversation, Glisten wrote: 

Spirals: Insight arising from mutual vision

Where the spirals merge they represent the second tier consciousness – turquoise and above.            
~ state of the evolutionary initiatives ~ currently not connected and coherent, focussed on their own centers, not yet able to see the cosmic framework that contains (and informs) them, that they evolve with and toward the realisation of.

Visual imagery/symbolic, artistic, expressive, representation of ideas that are “coming from the future” (that we are somehow able to perceive), that we don't have a lot of words to express yet.

Symbol codes that we then de-cypher and describe in order to facilitate the understanding and manifestation of through art, software design and ontology engineering. Creating a shared field of meaning through imagery.


We even imagined that Michael would be able to develop a 3-D rendering of these vortices. 

What does all this evoke in you?

(Glisten, would you post here the vortices that you drew?)




Comment by Glistening Deepwater on July 29, 2010 at 12:36am


>I think we could start a discussion space for the text which is to appear on the splash page and develop it there, yes the text needs to be editable, this is achieved thru html formatting, I will open the document and look at it, and let you know :-)


Comment by George Pór on July 28, 2010 at 9:21pm


>Jarda's comments about the logo by Gavin: "I love the logo very much, it is mysterious, neat and clean. I love the connection with the world map and the logo being the ‘eye’ of the world looking out to cosmos, being grounded in the Earth. At the same time I feel the logo does not ‘give it way easily’ one has to look inside and follow the words to see all its elements (this does not have a preference around it, just noticed that is so for me). The words in the left are beautiful yet I feel they could be shortened/simplified. They are beautiful sentences yet I find myself curious about what some of them mean (this happens at times too when I am not yet at a level of consciousness to fully embrace them so maybe ok :-) If we wanted to have this as a splash page, I would recommend to have the more tangible description of ELAN (meaning making organ, etc.) on the right hand side to explain more concretely what ELAN is..."


I tend to agree with him about some left-brain text on the right side of the logo, for balance. It would be good to separate the text both on the left and right side from the .jpg so that they can be edited more easily if need be.


What do you guys think?