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Questions We Ask


ThinkingPowerful questions are powerful because answering them can open up new possibilities for action that make a difference for the whole. Below you’ll find a selection of them that currently hold our attention. Clicking on any of them will take you to the page where you can read, evaluate, comment on, and write answers.








 What pattern languages exist (or are being developed) that relate to collaboration in groups & social systems?


♦ Can we discover patterns of interaction that foster mutual benefit for part and whole of general systems? How?


 Which groups, companies, or collectives have built the most advanced collaboration culture?


 What are some ways to increase the coherence of a collective?


 What are ways to lower  the resistance and impedance at the connection points between the nodes that make up a collective?


Collective Intelligence


Collective Intelligence





 How do we learn thinking, sensing, and making meaning as a group without losing our individuality, in ways that are highly scalable?


♦ What are the key factors to consider in cultivating collective sentience at increasing scale?


♦ Is it possible to conduct Bohmian dialogue online? If so, who does it?


♦ What are narrative fractals?


How many functioning, (sentient, self aware) 'nodes', once integrated are a) required, b) optimal, for the "global brain/mind" to achieve coherent, functioning (sentient) self-awareness?







 New Civilization




 What movements/tribes do you think model the social practices of a positive future?


 Can the global public organize effectively as a third power to develop checks and balances on the private and public sectors and establish the resource sovereignty and preservation value needed for a commons economy?


 The metabeing cannot come alive before having a global brain AND heart. What will do the same for the new civilization what the heart does for the body?


 What is that which is seeking to know itself through our edge questions about collective wisdom, sentient communities, collective self-realization, etc?