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Frontiers We Monitor

on 25 August 2010 - 2:20pm

This is the current list of territories, where we monitor the edge of evolution. It reflects only what the editorial team has passion and energy for tracking and reporting on our soon-to-come online magazine;  élan Trends.



It may seem pretty comprehensive but it is definitely not. That's because the winds of change and transformation are sweeping all areas of social life and our small team just doesn't have the capacity to cover them all. This is where the editors of élan Trends will work on the magazine and describing the boundaries of each "department," stories tagged by the items on this list.



Here's how you can test and improve the list. If you see a territory of transformation that is not covered, name it and give an example of it in your comment. Three things can happen. We will:



1.  Tell under which existing list item we planned to cover your suggestion for inclusion and maybe use the example you gave to make it explicit there.

2.  Explore with you whether you have an inclination and capacity to become a co-editor of the new territory that we would add to the list.

3.  Put your item on a "waiting list" of territories looking for co-editors.



In either case, we will be helpful for even your smallest contribution to make our attempt at evolutionary cartography more accurate.


Current list of territories: