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Freeing CI and collective wisdom from their present constraints

on 17 November 2009 - 5:10pm

Louis-Martin asked in an email, what seems the most important next step in freeing the coll. intell and wisdom from its present constraints?


To me the first two practical step is creating A. an online magazine and B. collaboration platform that can serve as an attractor for and playground...


A. would be "ELAN, the magazine on social creativity at the edge of evolution" or something like that.

B. could be this NIng site to start with, and expanding it with other tools when needed

A+B would let us seed and cultivate a community of 2nd tier thinkers and doers, capable to jointly map and move the edge of evolution.



Comment by Louis-Martin Michaud on November 17, 2009 at 10:57pm


Hello George,

I sense there is a vast joy awaiting leaders stemming from the realization that their work within their organization or region has a broader and rich role in the global perspective, and that their efforts are worth a lot to others in a totally different pratice if they reflect on what they experienced and share that experience. We are litterally birthing a new culture from within and with that culture new rules of engagement between stake holders leading to different structures and manifestation.

I'd like to share in your vision regarding both the the magazine and the collaborative platform. What value you sense they add and why they are very relevant now?
How the world would be different with these 2 tools fully reaching out to the right people?