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on 13 August 2010 - 6:08pm

Compendium is a knowledge map software tool for visual thinking. Knowledge Mapping is a key skill in 21st century lifelong learning. Fragments of information are linked in a map to make information easier to access. Compendium is based on many years research on the use of such tools in educational and workplace settings.


· People are able to see what they are thinking.

· Helps people to manage large amounts of information – e.g. in government, education, business and research.






























What can I do with Compendium?

  • Keep track of your own thoughts and documents.

    Map the connections between concepts .

    Map discussions and arguments. Create a ‘Dialogue Map’ to:

    Share learning pathways.

      • Drag and drop documents and websites onto a map.
      • Arrange icons in ways that make sense to you.
      • Give icons keyword tags. [Mind Map] [Example]
      • Write down the key concepts of a new topic.
      • Label the connections between concepts to show links.[Concept Map] [ Example]
      • Clarify your thinking.
      • Make links between everyone’s ideas in meetings.
      • An "Argument Map" can be made to clarify the argument in someone else's writing. 
        [Dialogue Map] [Example] [Argument Map] [Example]
      • Organise large amounts of information on the web.
      • Gather educational resources by dragging+dropping them onto a map.
      • Sequence resources into a learning path.
      • Publish your maps by linking them to one or more OpenLearn resources. [Web Map] [Example]