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on 13 August 2010 - 6:14pm

Cohere is an experimental knowledge mapping tool that runs on the web, connecting you, and your Ideas, to other learners with common interests. Cohere is designed to help answer critical questions such as : "Who supports this idea?", "Show me examples of that phenomenon", "What are the limitations of this methodology?" 

Use Cohere to define and forge meaningful connections between ideas, which you can associated with relevant websites if you wish. 

Example Idea connection in Cohere

As these ideas, connections and websites grow in number, Cohere generates views of these, and helps you to view and filter them in various ways.

Keep track of important ideas and their connections with each other. This is the essence of Cohere. The introductory screencast illustrated this around the topic of Study Skills. This example is there for you to play with when you login as a guest.

Organise your thoughts by summarising them. A first step to making sense of the ocean of information and ideas you encounter on the web, and in OpenLearn, is to summarise them succinctly with relevant extracts or in your own words. So when you read something of interest, consider summarising it as a new Idea, and add the URL of the resource(s) you were reading. 


  • Put your Ideas in context: link them to key questions. Cohere enables you to link Ideas with any kind of connection, but a particularly powerful strategy is to relate them to the questions that interest you. So create some Question Ideas as prompts to the kinds of Ideas you need to find. Here are two Ideas (assigned the role of Critical Questions) linked to "knol":