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About the term "evolutionaries"

on 11 October 2009 - 3:49pm

Barbara wrote in an email:

> this came from Barbara Marx Hubbard last week on Facebook. First time I’ve heard “evolutionaries” and I think it’s a clever play on words. Her note and the url:


"I am delighted to introduce you to Craig Hamilton, one of the leading young evolutionaries who is carrying the flame of conscious evolution forward into the 21st century. He is offering great insight into the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality and is making vital contribution to the future of our world."


One of the lovely things about the term “evolutionaries” is that it exists only in plural, somehow underlying the fact that, in the living world, there’s no evolution, only co-evolution. I started to use that term around 1992, at the same time when I wrote an essay on ESSENCE: Evolutionary Shape-Shifters’ Educational Network Connected on the Edge.


Evolutionaries (agents of intentional evolution of society and consciousness) and our desire to serve them became the major source of inspiration that brought ELAN into being.

I googled the term to check how popular it became. The first result was 18,000 hits, many of which related to a rock band with the same name. When I added the search term “–music” (minus music), I still got 11,000 hits. Here are some that I feel relevant to ELAN’s quest: