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► Movement Mapping Genres

on 4 August 2010 - 4:20pm

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  • Intent Map

The Intent Map project aims to allow people to easily find other people with the same intent or dream - people who share a project that exists in their imagination, but may not yet have a definite name (Read more...)

  • Narrative Fractals

In brief six elements can be found wherever we look carefully into what goes into (scale-insensitive) narratives of interaction. These elements are:

  • Attractor – interest-generating opener [emotion: curiousity]
  • Challenge – disruptor of settled understandings/relationships [emotion: tension]
  • Opportunity – vision of a desired outcome [emotion: inspiration]
  • Strategy – path to realize vision [emotion: hope]
  • Test – trial to confirm strategy [emotion: confidence]
  • Decision – implement strategy, reframe/reloop, discard [emotion: resolve] (Read more... including Slideshow)


  • Strategic Mapping for Networks

We can easily be overwhelmed by the complexity of large networks where there are  many different organizations and people involved. Clearly “seeing” relationships between organizations, people, and key concepts is important for successful network strategies (Read more...)

  • Concept Map

A concept map is a way of capturing understanding of a topic on a computer screen or on paper, in a way that shows how concepts are related and helps its users visualize knowledge (Read more...)