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► Exploring the evolutionary worldview

on 4 August 2010 - 4:19pm

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This Chapter of the wiki holds resources and conversations on what the Evolutionary worldview is about and what it can mean.

At the heart of the evolutionary worldview is the fact that evolution has a trajectory—it heads in a particular direction.

It is as if evolution is a developmental process.  Just as a human embryo is organized to develop through a number of stages to produce an adult, evolution tends to produce a particular sequence of outcomes of increasing complexity.  Initially, evolution moves in this direction of its own accord.  However, at a particular point evolution will continue to advance only if certain conditions are met: organisms must emerge that awaken to the possibility that they are living in the midst of a developmental process; they must realize that the continued success of the process depends on them; and they must commit to actively moving the process forward.


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             The Evolutionary Manifesto is an intentional attempt to promote the shift to conscious evolution and the evolutionary activism that will drive it.

  • Intentional Evolution Strategies - Summary / Full version

A concise and in-depth document on how to further the implementation of Intentional Evolution in the world. Split into eight categories it covers:

• Evolutionary Goals   • The Challenge  • Strategic Considerations  • Growing the evolutionary movement  • Building the evolutionary movement • Building the Organizational effectiveness of the movement  • Moving towards a unified and sustainable global society  • What especially can we each do to further the evolutionary process.

Just like people, a worldview goes through cycles of life, from birth and youth to maturation, decline and death, when it gets replaced by an emergent one that is a better fit to interpret and interact with a changing world. We are living in the midst of one of those epochal transitions. The emerging evolutionary worldview is still in its infancy, albeit with a surprising vitality....Using notes from the field the author reveals his personal experiences on the topic.