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élan Map


Hypotheses and motivation


Our first hypothesis is that mapping the niches in the ecosystem of movements & tribes that model the social practices of a positive future can enhances connections, make new ones, and speed the flows of trust, knowledge, and resources, among those niches.


Our mental models both reflect and constrain our ability to interpret our world. Projecting them into maps to examine and improve them, we can enhance our self-reflexivity, individual and collective.


"If we increase our ability to perceive (visualize, understand) problems or opportunities or activities, it will leverage our efforts greatly… If we really could perceive and make sense of much larger chunks at the same time, a lot of stuff would sort itself out quite easily." — Flemming Funch


This community action-research project on behalf of a better world is about validating those hypotheses. Its motivation comes from our understanding that amplifying its collective intelligence is a must for that ecosystem, if it is to match the complexity of the ecosystem of humankind's intertwined challenges.


The first steps towards crowdsourcing the mapping of the movements & tribes that model the social practices of a positive future can be found here.  


Objectives — to make easier:


1. for people to sense and decide which are the projects, with which they resonate the most and to which they want to bring more attention and energy


2. for groups to assess their functional alignment with each other in the neighboring niches of the fast-changing ecosystem of edge initiatives, thus multiply everyone's transformative impact


3. for the self-awareness of all fields of transformation to get supported by an emergent platform that acts as a rocket booster for our collective intelligence and wisdom


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