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Co-creating Economic Value

on 25 August 2010 - 2:28pm

This is the the space for posting and talking about draft articles that place news

related to issues on ethical economy, commons-based peer production, complementary currencies, etc.

in the context of evolutionary worldview and relevance.

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New Currency Frontiers

We invite you to explore innovative interpretations of money, economics and society which are resulting in a new way of thinking about our future. You will find  pieces of the puzzle on this web site to understanding the next economy.


Proposing a 'design economy' -- the more we participate in it and share it, the better we all live and the more sustainable and stable it can become.
September 17, 2010   Joe Costello  Editor's Note: The following essay is a deep-think attempt to re-imagine the fundamental concepts of how modern societies can restructure their economies and how citizens can reorder their lives in a more democratic fashion. The author considers the emerging technologies of the future and the huge problems posed by industrial economics.


Relationship Economy


REX is the Relationship Economy eXpedition.

The next social and industrial order has more to do with abundance and trust than with scarcity and stickiness. The key assets are trusted relationships.

Here we'll build key elements of the Relationship Economy, playing out what it means for business, culture, society, governance, education and more, because its effects will be far-reaching.

If you want to dig deeper, I run a private workgroup that is exploring this future. For more info, see "About REX" in the menus.

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write about new book and author:

It's a time-sharing world

"The Mesh" author Lisa Gansky on the shift from ownership to sharing.