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Evolutionary Cartography

on 25 August 2010 - 2:30pm
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There is not much data to describe this combination of terms to be found in key word searches. The field is emerging and undefined. A definition will have to be compiled. Available resources:


The scope of evolution within the structure of science link from EvoViz is about visualizing all aspects of evolutionary science, including concepts, processes and data.


Spiral Dynamics Integral


Spiral Dynamics Diagrams


The experiemental map of reality at endeavours to bring together as much cutting edge research and insight as possible in a map format. This work will be extended asap.


Book: "The Evolutionary Mind"

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VUE 3.0


At the heart of VUE 3 is a new set of data discovery and exploration tools. Information visualization begins with importing data, and with VUE 3.0 users can now import XML documents, RSS feeds and CSV files into the newly designed content panel. Each data set is listed as a separate resource under the dataset tab of the content panel. Columns of a CSV file and unique elements of XML documents appear as high-level nodes within the data tree.


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Thank you, Glisten, for all the great scouting!


Could you tell us how the juicy features of VUE 3.0 that you mentioned compare with Compendium, (Cohere, the Web version of Compendium), Cmap, and their development roadmaps?

Whichever tool we are going to settle for élan Map, it will take some time investment to build the map, so i'd like us to choose well-informed and wisely.