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About us

Who we are


We are an inter-disciplinary team passionate about creating a platform to welcome and support all those who care for moving the edge of cultural evolution and collective intelligence. We are the seed team, the instigators of Evolution, Learning & Action Network (élan).


The idea of élan had been brewing for many years among groups of people across the globe. Primary among them, George Pór, initiated conversations and visioning trips, with various groups which led to its ebbing and flowing over time. In the spring of 2010 the time became ripe and the current seed team gathered, brought élan alive and set this stage for the larger community to coalesce and grow, and reshape the platform.


What we do


We work together on projects for increasing connectivity in and among the evolutionary initiatives that add value to the current transition to the next stage in the evolution of consciousness and culture. We develop processes and methods for collaborative sensing and meaning-making for supporting those initiatives at increasing scale.


Currently, we are engaged in the following four projects:


The élan  Map

Is an attempt to create a dynamic Map of the Groups, Initiatives, Movements and People on the Edge of evolution. Here they will then be able to see where we are on the Edge and gain an awareness of where to go. At the same time being able to network and pool together with others closer to them. With a Map one can get a better view of ones relationship to others and so make more informed decisions.

The élan Trends

Webspace is bloated with information, but usually lacks the expertise to organize and filter this to your question. élan Trends harvests the web and brings together material at the very Edge of evolution. Whether this be events, blogs, documents, conversations, films, music, Art etc... and categorizes them to create a continual record of what the trend is at certain areas of the Edge. We also produce a monthly compilation of the very best in the form of the elan Magazine.


The élan Knowledge Garden

As the élan Trends filters the web like an expert, the Knowledge Garden replaces a library or messy store-house, to plant useful materials filtered from the Edge and let them be studied and grown by the community of users and resident gardeners, through conversation and dynamic tagging, linking and remixing.


The élan Community

Groups that wish to coordinate with others near them on the Edge, Individuals that wish to find Groups or others near them on the Edge, we are all of the above.


How we do it


How you can get involved

We are at an early stage and through the cooperation and dedication of editors, experts, contributors, designers, artists, sponsors, groups, participants we evolve. All our stakeholders share together what they feel impelled to and this network is élan's heartbeat. If you feel impelled then we look forward to our first conversation/relationship. 



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a walk through of the sites features and how to make the best of them...


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a shared document describing our WHY, WHAT,  HOW and WHO in-depth


The élan  logo is the work of visionary designer and futurist, Gavin Keech. See the fuller version and accompanying explanation here.